Advanced Logistics

Managing the supply chain to be aligned with our clients


We ensure we provide an excellent service while reducing inventories throughout the whole supply chain.

We carry out our activity on markets where uncertainty and change are constant factors.

At AGUI, we minimise downtime for materials in the supply chain between phases during the entire production process, from purchase to delivery to the client once manufactured.

As a result, we work with our clients, our suppliers and in-house at our plant implementing lean manufacturing principles, researching and applying new management procedures to suit our needs.

Using different lean tools, we align our factory with our clients’ and suppliers’ plants. For this purpose, we use Kanban tools to improve communication, to integrate our ERP with that of our clients, etc.

At AGUI we have developed our own manufacturing and supply chain management system based on forecasts, in many cases uncertain, made by our clients. This is grounded on an intensive data follow-up, fluent communication with our clients and historical knowledge of the sector.

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