Assembly Installation

Complex Assembly


Security, Quality, Service and Efficiency.

This is our code of priorities when industrializing a new product/project in our facilities.

At AGUI we are specialists in complex integration and manufacturing of mechanical assemblies for OEMs. We have developed and implemented different tools aimed at guaranteeing product quality during the entire life cycle of the production project and managing supply chains encompassing multiple suppliers and technologies.

We are a Full Service Supplier (FSS), specialised in integrating units and mechanical assemblies. As well as participating in product design with our clients, we also design and implement product industrialisation, defining and managing the supply chain and evaluating Best Cost Suppliers for each project and final product manufacturing.

We support our clients through all the stages of the product life cycle, with different services:

We are experts in different production processes and we propose our clients ideas based on our knowledge and expertise, to ensure that once the product is designed, it is manufactured with consistent quality and at suitable costs.
We use non-definitive means and additive technologies for prototyping in the intermediate stages of the design process. Prototyping is a very useful method to identify potential improvements.
We select and align our suppliers with the needs of our clients, so that industrial implementations can be faster and the probability of quality errors or service delays is reduced.
We know that standard approval of a product during the initial project stage is not enough. Therefore, we need to ensure that our production processes are consistent and reviewed throughout their entire production life.
At AGUI, we have developed our own manufacturing system based on forecasts, in many cases uncertain, made by our clients. This is based on an intensive data follow-up, fluent communication with our clients and historical knowledge of the sector.
At AGUI, we are obsessed with aligning the way our clients work with our plant and with our suppliers’ plants. We manufacture small batches in short times at the lowest costs.
We work exclusively for our clients. We are responsible for ensuring that the information provided by our clients is safe with us and is exclusively used to achieve the purposes established in each project.

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