Real time stock management with the intelligent logistics system


This digital communication system, conceived under the framework of logic 4.0,

is linked to our ERP by an interface which indicates when, how much and what is being consumed by our client.

The aim of the LOGIKO tool is to reduce communication times; from the moment of consumption in the supply chain, until it is reported upstream in the chain. The faster the communication, the shorter the chain and therefore less money will be held in it.

This enables us to get a head start on the manufacture of that material based on a projection of future consumption.

The consumption analysis provided by this tool will enable us to forecast future consumption patterns.

All we need to operate this system is to install a series of detection systems and data transmission antennae to our ERP.

Reduces communication management costs and stocks:

  • Predictive technology allows to make smarter purchasing orders proposals.
  • Smoother production picks and real time information about the product that is being manufactured.
  • Stock reduction and shorter delivery times.

Warranties safety and data protection:

  • Software independent from ERP.

Easy installation and maintenance

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