Production Resources

At AGUI we make continuous investments to improve our production facilities


These investments are aimed at increasing our flexibility and efficiency

as well as ensuring that we control some critical processes for the products designed by our clients.

Thanks to continuous flow design we can reduce downtimes and intermediate inventories during manufacturing. To achieve this, we use resources such as laser machines, punching and folding machines and some press machines.

In addition, welding is considered a critical process at AGUI. The products we manufacture have safety applications related to people transportation or electrical grid commissioning, amongst others. As a result, we invest in more and better production means, as well as implementing our advanced management systems. We are ISO 3834 and EN 15085 certified.

Press machine Delteco 100Tn N.2
Press machine Delteco 160Tn
Press machine PE Delteco 250Tn
Press machine PE Delteco 100Tn
Press machine PE Delteco 200Tn
Press machine Goiti 160Tn
Bending machine Loire Safe PHSE-125/30/26
Bending machine Loire Safe PH-90/30/26
Bending machine Amada HFE50.20/ 7Ejes
Bending machine Amada 5 Axis
PUNCHING MACHINES Punching machine Goiti Cupra 130292
LASER CUTTING Platinum laser cutting LPF2 1530 (3000w)
Welding robot Panasonic UR006 ALE2
Welding robot Fanuc S-430 IW Soldadura por resistencia 3836-E06016
Welding robot Fanuc ARC MATE I 100 (3987-E07761)
Welding robot Fanuc soldadura Mig-Tig (4654-E14258)
Resistance Welding KUKA 
Welding robot Fanuc ARC Mate 100 IC/6L tig-mig

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