Joint Design. Process Engineering

We support you during the product design process


AGUI has a team made up of multiple employees who are specialised in accompanying our client throughout the product design process

and standardising the production process to ensure the products are manufactured with the prescribed quality, within the appropriate deadlines and at competitive costs, during series production.

To achieve this, we apply the following methodologies, among others, to our daily work:


Prior to product industrialisation, we participate in the prototyping phase of our clients’ new designs. This initial stage is key to identify potential sources of failure and propose alternative production processes which may help to increase the product competitive margin and quality consistency. AGUI boasts a supplier network, as well as in-house technology capable of providing a quick manufacturing response for all types of prototyping.


At AGUI we consider it essential to be up-to-date with the latest developments in quality standards, machinery and new manufacturing technology. We are in continuous contact with our suppliers and keep up to date with fairs and exhibitions, publications of different sectors, technology centres and clusters.


We participate in phases such as blueprint, prototyping and joint design with our suppliers; product development and testing; production process industrialisation and packaging design for logistic optimisation, among others.


We analyse and suggest process improvements based on potential risks. We propose our clients these improvements to be implemented from product design in an early stage.


Once a product is being manufactured, we propose improvements to our clients based on changes to production processes, materials, suppliers or designs.

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