Experts in the design and manufacturing of lift components for OEMs


AGUI has become a supplier of first-class manufacturing and logistics services,

also driving with us other suppliers of countless technologies along the value chain.

AGUI is present in the lift sector, manufacturing components for lifts, since the company’s establishment in 1971, and is one of the leading suppliers of this industry.

From the start, we have always played the role of industrial partner in relation to safety components for companies leading the sector, designing and commercialising lift equipment for different applications.

The life cycle of a lift involves: manufacture, installation, maintenance, refurbishment and replacement. The specific role played by AGUI in the sector is different at each stage.

We are currently working for multinationals who are the technological leaders of the market with standard-approved products, as well as for SMEs catering to local markets with more customised services.

This is an increasingly demanding market regarding quality control of products, as well as logistics management of the supply chain. All the leading companies in the sector as well as first-class suppliers, like AGUI, have been introducing increasingly advanced factory management, logistics and quality techniques.

AGUI is specialised in the manufacture of safety components such as locks and cable tensioning devices, as well as manufacturing complex mechanisms like synchronising elements between the cabin and floor door, or opening and closing drivers and mechanisms for floor doors in addition to lift floor or cabin doors.

AGUI currently has over 50 clients in this sector worldwide. We participate in the sector clusters (, the sector fairs ( and debate forums at national ( and international levels (

In 2014, AGUI also decided to launch its own component line under the OKATT brand ( We design products to facilitate the installation of lifts with low pit, reduced headroom or narrow gaps. Our lifts generally comply with the standards EN81-21 and EN81-20, and have been certified by renowned accreditation bodies such as

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