Experts in the manufacturing of welded assemblies for OEMs. UNE-EN 15085


AGUI is a manufacturing partner for companies that design and market rolling stock systems

We collaborate with the client in the design of the product, contributing with our knowledge in process engineering and welding, taking by reference the ISO 3834 and UNE-EN 15085 standards. 

In AGUI we manufacture and integrate mechano-welded assemblies for the railway sector. We collaborate with the client in the design of the product, and once the product is defined, we industrialize and manufacture it according to the takt time, aligning our production to the client's production rhythm.

We work in sectors where the service and punctuality offered is essential, therefore, we apply lean manufacturing techniques throughout the entire supply chain. We focus on keeping stock levels to a minimum in each intermediate process, always guaranteeing the service offered to the customer. One of our goals is to deliver with short lead times maintaining a minimum of 95% punctuality rate.

In the railway sector, been flexible and agile in the management of product design changes is very important. In order to meet these requirements, our engineering department gives a quick response when expediting the validations of the new design. On the other hand, the factory is used to work with the lean methodology and is able to adapt quickly to the manufacture of the new design. This last point contributes to generate the minimum possible waste in case of a design change and allows to reduce reworking costs.

In recent years, we have perceived in the railway sector a need of manufacturing parametric elements. Among many projects of our customers, the product to be manufactured is similar, only changing dimensions of certain parameters. In AGUI we have prepared our capabilities to be able to face this kind of projects and manufacture elements of different dimensions within a family of products.

Our engineering team accompanies the customer during all phases of the product's life. The contribution in the product design phase is especially important, since AGUI team has extensive experience and technical knowledge in the field of welded elements, taking by reference the UNE-EN 15085 and ISO 3834 certifications. However, the accompaniment does not end here, since both in the industrialization phase and in the manufacturing phase, we try to provide continuous improvements that make the process more efficient.

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