Lean manufacturing to be aligned with our clients


One of our main defining features at AGUI is that we always meet our deadlines.

To achieve this, we align our plants and our suppliers’ plants with the frequency and batch size required by our client.

At AGUI, to efficiently optimise the value chain maturity period, we reduce lead times of materials between phases throughout the entire production process. We need every work position at the factory to be aligned with the previous process, as well as staff to be multi-task and very flexible when preparing for each new manufacturing process.

Planning how we are going to work during series production in the project industrialisation phase is essential. Thanks to this, we implement assembly lines in our facilities to provide the capacity and flexibility required by our clients, and we define our requirements in relation to the services provided by our suppliers. In order to know how AGUI manages the whole supply chain, go to the next link: AGUI - Supply Chain.

In order to optimise the entire supply chain, we have introduced in our methodologies, Lean Manufacturing tools and principles such as PUSH & PULL systems, supermarket-like warehouses, the Kanban system, the 5S’s, VSMs, Andom analysis or SMED, among others.

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